Solar Energy in Malaysia

Kulim Hi-tech Park Business Centre
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Malaysia has a cumulative installed grid-connected PV capacity of approximately 1,416 kW and off-grid PV capacity of about 10MW. The grid-connected PV market is driven largely by financial incentive programmes administered by the MBIPV Project. Although the off-grid PV market is the current dominating market, it is expected that by the end of 10th Plan in 2015, Malaysia should have atleast 55MW of grid-connected PV systems due to the proposed feed-in tariff to be introduced in 2011.

Malaysia is the world’s fifth-largest producer of solar PV modules. First Solar (USA) is located in Kulim Hi Tech Industrial Park and has been in operation since 2008. The plant facility is expected to produce over 1,000MW PV modules. Q-Cells (Germany), located at Cyberjaya Selangor Science Park, is constructing a plant with target capacity of up to 500MW crystalline solar cells manufacturing. Sunpower (USA) has a cells manufacturing facility under construction with target capacity of 1,000MW in Melaka. Tokuyama (Japan) is establishing a polysilicon production facility in Sarawak (East Malaysia) and is targeting to be operational in 2011.

Since 2005, the Malaysian Government, in collaboration with UNDP/GEF and private sector, has been promoting grid-connected PV applications through the MBIPV Project. The main idea of the MBIPV project is to incorporate PV grid-connected systems aesthetically into the building architecture.  The MBIPV programme has been successful in achieving a tremendous increase in solar energy utilization in the country through its Suria1000 programme.

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