Biomass Energy – Benefits and Challenges

An interesting post on the importance of robust supply chains in biomass energy project.

Tim Probert

With legislation increasingly tough on coal-burning plants, many are switching to renewable fuels to ensure longevity. But supply chain issues may prevent some plants from undertaking the conversion process. Tim Probert profiles the UK’s Tilbury power station, a 1960s coal plant which has become the world’s largest biomass plant, and talks to Drax about the potential to convert its 4 GW coal plant. This article was first published in the January-February edition of Renewable Energy World magazine.

To describe the British town of Tilbury as a green beacon would require a stretch of the imagination. Home to London’s main container port and an unsightly 1960s concrete-slab power plant, with a curious smell emanating from the nearby sewage works, Tilbury epitomises twentieth century grit, smoke, soot and clank.

Yet a beacon of green energy is exactly what Tilbury power station has become. In December 2011, Tilbury B, a 1062 MW…

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