Sources of Municipal Solid Wastes

The Trash Talk

by: Charmaine Abique

We all know what the daily wastes that man produce are. What we do not know is how are they categorized and where did they exactly come from. There are about three types of solid wastes namely:  Municipal waste, Industrial Waste and Hazardous Waste.

Municipal Solid wastes are one the most common waste in our environment. These are trashes that are usually left-over of what we used. Examples of such are food wastes, rubbish, ashes and residues, demolition and construction wastes and Special wastes.

Rubbish includes paper, cardboard, plastic, wood, glass, metals and leather. Residues are those materials remaining from burning of wood, coal and other combustible waste. Demolition and construction wastes on the other hand are stones, brick, lumber and concrete, plumbing, heating and electrical parts. While street sweeping roadside litters, dead animals abandoned vehicles and discarded appliances belong to Special waste.

Industrial wastes arise from…

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