The Payatas Dumpsite

Highly impressive account of Payatas Dumpsite, Thanks Trash Talk

The Trash Talk

by: Abby Trasporte

When we hear about Payatas, we always remember the tragedy that happened in the year 2000 when several scavengers were literally buried under the waste due to the huge landslide occurred. The causes of the landslide are the tropical typhoons that hit the Philippines. Since Payatas or what they call “Promise Land” is a sodden and unstable mass had immediately collapsed. The tragedy killed at least 200 of Filipinos.

Payatas Dumpsite is located at Quezon city which serves as the main terminal for the solid waste collected in the city. It is a cheap and easy method of garbage disposal.  It was not properly managed that’s why those kind of disasters happen.

Philippines worked on a project to eliminate residual wastes created by the households. It will reduce the amount of waste that will be deposited to the dumpsite. Of course, these project wouldn’t be possible with…

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