Comparative Economics of Coal versus Biomass

Energy Matters

In our discussions on Biomass, one very important aspect we need to consider is the economic viability of biomass in comparison to the conventional technologies based on Coal.

Since we are dealing with energy, it is important to understand the difference between energy and power. They are two different things. Energy is the total work that is capable of being generated from a given mass of material. Power, on the other hand, is the rate at which energy is consumed or produced. There are a number of units of energy and power. However, for the purpose of the present discussions, we will consider typical electrical units like Kwh or MWH for energy and Kw or Mw for power. 1000Kw is one Mw. And one Kw is 1000 watts. To put it in the perspective a 100 watt bulb means that if the bulb is kept on for an hour, it…

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