Thinking about Trash

Path to Green

We have a lot of trash cans in our house. And I’m not just talking about having one in every room. There’s a recycling bin, a container for landfill trash, a compost bucket, a bin for compostable paper. The compostable paper one came into the mix just because our compost bucket was filling up way too fast. And since paper doesn’t smell bad, it doesn’t need to fill up the small bucket that’s designed to keep the smell from bad-smelling food waste contained until it’s taken outside to be composted.

Currently, it’s way too easy to just toss things into the landfill trash. It’s more easily located, first thing in the kitchen, and often, in my laziness, I plop little things in there that could go in the recycling or paper just because I don’t feel like walking  that far into the kitchen. “Just  this once,” I tell myself. “I…

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