The Other Side of Waste Management


India is a strange country. On one side we have the spotlessly clean malls, high profile residential complexes, shining chrome and glass office buildings and on the other side, reflected in the same chrome and glass is the stink of defecation,  mess of the slums and huge piles of garbage collected from the upmarket areas and dumped unceremoniously in heaps.

And within these heaps of garbage are human scavengers and rag-pickers isolating the garbage into the usable and the useless. So much for the slogans of reduce, reuse and recycle. This scavenging community that lives on the edge of life and death every day is the saviour of the day. A sight of a 12-14 year old girl carrying a sack of her size on her back and a prodding stick in hand, turning the garbage up and down to find something of value is a very common sight in…

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  1. great to read here that ppl and organisations are now awakening to the mission we started two yrs back to give central position to our swachchta doots in this industry.

    stay ecocentric

    aditya n.s

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