The Murky World of E-Waste Management

Brilliant article on e-waste management scenario in developing countries.


India produced 8 million tons of electronic waste in 2009. In 2012, the number may cross 12 million tons. No big deal. With a population of  1.3 billion, it  means a mere 10 Kgs per capita !

The big deal is here. e-waste is the fastest growing pile of waste worldwide, and in India and China it is growing faster than the world. Great ! It simply means that India and China are absorbing new technology and discarding old technology at a rate faster than the world. So good for them.


The reality is that a large part of this heap is contributed by the west. Despite anti-dumping laws, there are huge consignments of e-waste being brought in India and China in the name of ‘second hand products for reuse and/or resale’. In reality  these containers go straight to the unorganized recycling sector. Ok. So what? If the unorganized sector…

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