Tsunami of Trash

Chessboard Development ♘

On the beaches of Bali, Indonesia, where tourists arrive from around the world to experience the island’s amazingly warm culture and climate, there is a quiet crisis brewing. You can see it around the colorful pontoon fishing boats when they come ashore after pulling in their morning catch. It lurks beneath the surface of the light sandy ribbons of its coasts. It is a menace that thrives in the densely forested areas that line the beaches. This crisis is growing with Bali’s economy, and very little action is being taken. This crisis is, of course, the ocean plastic pollution that is washing up on the shores of this island paradise. It is literally a ‘tsunami of trash.’Ocean Plastic Pollution Chessboard Development Bali

Ocean Plastic Pollution Chessboard Development BaliOcean Plastic Pollution Chessboard DevelopmentBali is certainly not alone in facing an ocean trash epidemic. From the rapidly developing countries of Southeast Asia, to the mature economies of the Western world, every nation is facing the challenge…

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