Composting in the Workplace

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Composting in an office environment might sound taboo to some, but it provides a valuable opportunity to save costs, bring co-workers together for a common purpose, and cultivate resource-rich materials. The many benefits compost offers such as the satisfaction from cultivating it, and seemingly magical properties has earned compost the nick name “Black Gold”.

The accumulation of waste produced over the years has been growing to the extent that options to store trash in landfills and transport it from city centers are becoming very limited and extremely expensive. In 2010, over the course of just one year, Americans generated about 250 million tons of trash. Only 30% of this was recycled or composted, but there is potential for about 95% to be recycled or composted.

Jules Miller, a manager at Verdantix which is an independent analyst firm focusing on energy, environment, and sustainability is working to close this gap…

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