What is Zero Carbon Building

Charlie Laing Project Management

What do you mean, you want a zero carbon building?!

You might think it is going to be difficult to get to zero carbon, but technically it can be done quite easily.

The right mix of insulations, managing passive solar gain, heat recovery and renewable energy will do it.

But, pause a little, let’s first examine what is really meant by zero carbon. Why zero and when will it be achieved?

A few facts to bear in mind:

A typical UK home uses 3300 kWh of electricity and around 16,500 kWh of gas (figures from OFGEM).

Based on average grid electricity using natural gas this results in 1650 kg CO2 from the generation of electricity and 3135 kg CO2 from the burning of gas. These are very high figures and we need to do reduce them.

In fact, the UK’s aim is to reduce all CO2 emissions by 80%…

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