Hazards of Liquid Biomedical Waste


Biomedical waste in solid form is noticed by everybody but hospitals also generate liquid waste daily in huge quantity. For an example a 150 bedded hospital generating 15/20 thousand liters of liquid biomedical waste from all the departments i.e. OT to canteen, every where the water using is rolling down to a main drain of the hospital finally. This water is a mixed solution of all potential toxic substances discharged by various departments, including the residential area of the hospital, Nurses quarters, canteen etc all.

There are hospitals with open drains with very minimum slope resulting in the effluent flowing down becoming the bathing point and drinking water sources of scavenger birds like house Mayna, Crow and Sparrow. After taking bath in that water birds will sit in the open windows to make themselves dry. The entire process goes unnoticed to most of the staff of hospital. Nobody can do…

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