Destinations: Sustainability and Prosperity

fighting good fights

Stockholm, Sweden is, unquestionably, a leader in sustainable development for municipalities. In Sweden, environmental and social responsibility are hallmarks of a stable and prosperous economy.  One measure: 90% of the 523 kilograms of waste (or 655,000 metric tons) generated annually per person is used for energy to heat homes and businesses or is composted for bio fuel or is recycled.

Meanwhile, Copenhagen, Denmark is successfully integrating sustainability, with industry awards to prove their success (they were just named the European Green Capital 2014, beating 17 other cities).

The successes seen in Scandinavia are an example of cities ‘getting it right’ by balancing the needs of people and economy.

What if there was a convenient list of all the cities getting it right?  What if we could develop such a list that would save meeting planning time by identifying cities where sustainable events come easy?  As it happens, such a list…

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