We have more than seven billion humans on the planet already and masses are migrating to the cities. Combine these with the danger of floods and sea level rise, it’s no wonder the idea to build cities on sea came along. What you see in the concept art is an eco-friendly floating city. It’s among a raft of concepts for sustainable offshore settlements.

The Seascraper—a self-sufficient community of homes, offices, and recreational space—was designed with the intention of slowing urban sprawl, according to its designers.

The vessel’s energy independence would come from underwater turbines powered by deep-sea currents as well as from a photovoltaic skin that could collect solar energy. The concave hull would collect rainwater and allow daylight to reach lower levels. Fresh water would come from treated and recycled rainwater via an onboard desalination plant.

This green machine would also help keep marine populations afloat, so to speak…

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