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With a population that is growing at about 1.8 percent annually (World Bank 2011 report), the volume of solid waste is also increasing but unfortunately there is no single city in Pakistan which has a proper solid waste management system (SWM) right from collection of solid waste up to disposal.
Even cosmopolitan cities like Karachi and Lahore do not have any appropriate landfill or disposal site, instead, un-engineered landfilling, open dumping and open burning is being practised.
At present total solid waste generation in Pakistan is about 20.024 million tons a year, which is approximately 59,000 tons per day, according to an environment ministry study. This study also revealed that the rate of waste generation on average varies from 0.23 kg/capita/day to 0.61 kg/capita/day in rural and urban areas respectively. The study also showed that the growth rate of solid waste generation is about 2.4% per annum.
The increase…

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