Recycling and Upcycling

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Are these terms able to be used interchangeable?  No – not at all.

Recycling is the act of taking a product, breaking it down and remaking that same product…. such as paper scraps become paper.  Cans become cans.  Nothing innovative here… just reusing the raw material again and again.  While this was the first popular idea with the green movement, recycling is a valuable process that keeps countless amounts of things from the landfills.

Most garbage hauling companies are active in the sorting and staging of raw materials for recycle.   Plastic water bottles, and aluminum cans find new life melted down and reapplied to the production line.  Old tires become filler for road paving projects.  The garbage companies have a huge job to keep their limited space for dumping utilized efficiently, and effectively.

Garbage is on my mind because we recently attended a town hall meeting for our city.  We…

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