Landfills and Solid Waste Management

Gee Kaul

…Towards Eco-Friendly Tomorrow

Have you seen the several storeys high landfill in Delhi at its border with Uttar Pradesh – Gazipur, a prime land! It’s a mountain of garbage now.

How does the garbage reach the landfill and what will happen when this place is all filled up? Does our food waste also contribute to our garbage mountains?

May be we all know very less about what happens to the garbage we throw away on the streets and some in black plastic bags.

To begin with, it is called Solid Waste Management and is done by the local government bodies and some non-profit organisations.

There are three municipal bodies in the Indian capital city responsible for solid waste management –

  • Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD)
  • New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC)
  • Delhi Cantonment Board (DCB)

In India, the National Solid Waste Association of India (NSWAI) is the leading professional non-profit organisation in…

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