One step closer to saving our planet

The fact that we are using 30% more of planet’s resources than there are available on a sustainable basis is unknown or ignored by most of the people who are behaving as if we are living in a world with the resources that can never be exhausted – and it is completely opposite.


Over time, media started playing one of the most important roles in our lives by influencing and shaping our personality. Media includes most of our everyday activities; we read newspapers and magazines, watch the news and surf on the internet on daily basis. However, it seems that we are mostly concerned with the topics concerning celebrities and politics; media has brainwashed us with these two subjects, and that is all we talk about and think about. Unfortunately, we can get informed every single day in all – internet, TV and newspapers about the environmental issues that keep increasing on daily basis, and causing many disasters and catastrophes all over the world. Still, we do not pay any attention to it. Either we might say that it is bad and forget it the next minute or just ignore it. So, we are asking, is this normal? Should we be more…

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