Sweden tops new ranking of countries best equipped.

The report takes into account 17 factors and have applied this knowledge to country level analysis, ultimately finding that Sweden is the most sustainable country on Earth–meaning it’s best equipped for the future.

A new report ranks the world’s countries not on their economic indicators, but on their ability to “safeguard the needs of its future generations.” We normally judge which countries are “doing best” by looking at economic growth–a realm in which places like China and India thrive, despite their environmental and other problems. A more grounded approach might look at a range of factors, from a country’s social factors such as investments in education, governance factors such as aging policies, energy mix to its democracy. Such sustainability factors, country’s strengths and weaknesses, are  frequently overlooked by rating agencies.

That’s what a new report (measuring country intangibles) from investment advisors RobecoSAM does, and the results are quite different from the standard narrative. Robeco and RobecoSAM have worked together to develop a comprehensive and systematic ESG ranking framework for countries. By focusing on selected ESG factors such as aging, competitiveness and environmental risks – which are long term in nature.

The report takes into account 17 factors and have…

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