Food for thought

The next time you are going to waste food, think of that homeless child that will be looking for it in the trash in the cold, harsh winter…


Salaam and greetings everyone!

This Friday I am looking forward to being in Cambridge and praying behind Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad for my Friday prayers in sha Allah (excitement personified!!) 😀

I hope you all are doing very well and making plans to enjoying your upcoming weekend. Last night, I was thinking, weekends are also a blessing in disguise right? : ) A rest, a break from the norm, spending quality time with family, elongating your ibadah too perhaps?

So there are so many topics that I have thought of putting forward in the coming weeks but feel like I am drowning in my own inspirations. Today I was like even if I send something out just before midnight, I must, otherwise I would just lose out on not sending out anything at all.

Recently I have been having issues controlling my diet and discipline towards over eating (think – nafs/sloth/gluttony desires).

Last night, I was watching a YouTube video about the slums in India and kids digging in to trash dumps to find…

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