More action necessary towards banning plastic bags

Places such as England, New Delhi and South Australia are also eliminating plastic bags through bans and taxes. When China enacted a ban on plastic bags, it saved 1.6 million tons of petroleum that would have been used for production.

Kalli Ricka Wolf

Walk down almost any street in Tucson and you’re bound to see plastic grocery bags in the sewer drains, stuck in bushes and cactuses. Our windy environment makes for a storm of plastic bags being picked up and blown around, which makes them an eyesore and a threat to our desert ecosystem. Before the problem gets more out of hand, the city ought to place a tax or ban on plastic bags.

More than one trillion plastic bags are used worldwide annually, according to, but only 1 percent of them are recycled.

“If you’ve never looked at this issue before, you could be astounded and overwhelmed,” said Leif Abrell, a scientist who works in the Arizona Laboratory for Emerging Contaminants at the UA. “It’s insane how much material is out there, and there are different ways that this is a problem for our environment.”

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