Aquaculture and World Hunger


Progress of Solar Energy in Saudi Arabia

Due to its regional dominance, Saudi Arabia can play a vital role in the proliferation of solar energy in the entire Middle East. The Kingdom needs to urgently move forward with its renewable energy plans and start the production of solar energy on a large-scale. The current focus is on increasing levels of efficiency, reducing subsidy and slashing government expenditure and on doing things that truly add value

via Solar Energy in Saudi Arabia: Perspectives — EcoMENA

Turning biogas into animal feed

A company called Calysta has developed a technology that does more or less that, using micro-organisms that feed on methane. The gas is piped into a fermentation tank and consumed by the micro-organisms, which multiply. They are then separated from the liquid growing medium, dried and pressed into pellets. These protein pellets, called FeedKind, are then added to animal feed or fish food for aquaculture.

via FeedKind: turning greenhouse gases into animal feed — Make Wealth History