Recycling of Used Lead-Acid Batteries

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Lead-acid storage batteries are widely used on a mass-scale in all parts of the world.  They act as power sources in a wide-range of equipment and appliances used by households, commerce and i…

Salman Zafar‘s insight:

Lead is highly toxic metal and once the battery becomes inoperative, it is necessary to ensure its proper collection and eco-friendly recycling. A single lead-acid battery disposed of incorrectly into a municipal solid waste collection system, and not removed prior to entering a resource recovery facility for mixed MSW, could contaminate 25 tonnes of MSW and prevent the recovery of the organic resources within this waste because of high lead level.

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  1. SALMAN- There is so much waste with lead acid batteries, mainly from lack of knowledge about
    proper maintenance, and true life span . We have a device that pulsates the grids dissolving the crystals
    and changing them back into active solution. This allows the battery to accept a greater charge hold a greater
    charge, disperse a greater charge, and also increases the life of the battery 2-5 times!
    There are Battery Depts. ,say at a Transit Authority that have pallets of batteries ,and mix new with older
    when one goes bad in a series of four. And many times shops go until the warranty runs out and replace
    their Batteries ,some as often as every 18 months , when there is at least one more year of life left !
    I witnessed just such an operation about 9 years ago, and it continues to this day at that Transit Authority !!

  2. One thing I feel honored about , was being directly involved in extruding the very first Aluminum Coca Cola
    can in Feb. 1958! This was at Hunter Engineering in Riverside, California !!

  3. Proper disposal of batteries is very important because these batteries have hazardous chemical that can harm us. These chemicals will leak ang might get into our water reservior and it can contaminate our water reservior. That is why proper disposal and recycling of batteries should be observed. -

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