Redrawing the paper trail: Managing paper waste resourcefully


Paper  or plastic? Paper of course. To my mind then, this was undoubtedly the right answer. Paper bags are not nearly as nasty as their ocean glutting-toxin leaching- wild life choking-landscape littering plastic counterparts. Whereas plastic trash just does not “go away”,  being readily biodegradable, paper  blends  gracefully into nature.  Paper is of course the right choice …Or is it?

In Jordan, no one bothers to offer this choice, and if someone did today , my answer  would be: Neither. I have my own reusable bag. Paper may be the friendlier domestic trash, but it is certainly not an eco friendly product. Just think trees, water, fuel and carbon and you can imagine paper’s ecological shoe size. And in case you still  need persuasion, check out this excellent video In the war on trash, you cannot be indifferent to the original footprint of the trash components.

So to…

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